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Yesterday saw history repeat itself in the House of Representatives, but exceed historical norms in the Senate. This is critical to America's long-term judicial future! See Mat Staver's analysis on what this means... (Read more)

The Trump Administration has taken several steps to reduce U.S. funding to the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian Liberation Organization. Its effective purpose is to reduce the sponsorship of terrorism... (Read more)

A criminal complaint was unsealed here today charging a Russian national for her alleged role in a Russian conspiracy to interfere in the U.S. political system, including the 2018 midterm election.
Liberty Counsel’s Director of Public Policy Jonathan Alexandre is a guest speaker for the Content of Character Series™ in Orlando this Saturday, October 20, 2018... (Read more)
On Saturday Judge Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as the 114th Supreme Court justice by Chief Justice John Roberts. President Trump remarked afterward, "He's going to go down as a totally brilliant Supreme Court justice for..." (Read more)
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