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If there is one thing business tycoon-turned-President Donald Trump knows, it’s value. His remarks during the recent Supreme Court Justice nomination announcement ceremony were significant in that he revealed what he perceives as being among the most valuable assets that exist in the world today... (read more)

The Left’s hysteria has reached historic levels over the perceived disaster should Judge Brett Kavanaugh be confirmed by the Senate to fill retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy’s seat... (read more)
Many Senate Democrats have declared war against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee. The battle lines are drawn, not based on Judge Kavanaugh’s impeccable qualifications, but on his perceived threat to far-Left ideologies... (read more)
As a member of the highest appellate court in the country, a Supreme Court Justice exercises enormous judicial power...
Unexpected changes in the makeup of the Supreme Court can and have resulted in dramatic transformations in the Nation’s posture on paramount issues...
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